Yesterday marked the end of three influential and highly anticipated trade shows dedicated to the global food industry. This event succeeded in attracting thousands of trade visitors to the Dubai International Exhibition Center at Dubai World Trade Center. Sweets and Snacks M.E, SEAFEX, Specialty Food the greatest trade show in the GCC brought together more than 120 FMCG specialists and new business traders looking for economic growth expansion in Dubai UAE. more than 28 countries participated in this Food business festival traders and delegates from Europe, Qatar, Yemen, Saudi, Asia, Italy, GCC, and ME had come to participate in these 3 days. Some of the rarest and luxurious chocolates, and fresh organic products were seen at the venue. The specialty food festival met the growing demands for the growing consumers palates by providing some fine gourmet and niche food products. many of these delegates were in search of agents who could help them in setting up their franchise and new business. On Time marked its presence and was there just on spot to fill this gap by exposing these interested industries to the UAE Law and procedures required for establishing their business in UAE. I must say that without doubt SEAFEX provided a best platform to market and promote On Time among large international and local audience.